Problem 5: A Space within this Place



This work has two main aspects to its presentation. The first aspect is an audio transmission, which contains numerous imperial descriptions of spaces. This sound piece, which references cold war ‘number’ transmissions, is broadcast in the gallery space. The second aspect is the radio, which actively searches through the FM spectrum to find the spatial descriptions. The aerial of this piece rotates as it searches.

(Photography by Tom Carter)

Scaffold, The Bomb Factory, London, 2019, curated by Seamus McCormack

Jealous Wall, Luan Gallery, Athlone, 2017, curated by Seamus McCormack

Mart @ Supermarket, Stockholm, 2016, curated by Katherine Nolan

Glitch, Rua Red, Dublin, 2015, curated by Ciara Scanlan and Matthew Nevin