Conundrum 8: I am somewhere between we and they



This work questions the political and personal use of pronouns. Playing a key role in the construction of the ‘self’ and the ‘other’, pronouns help toward the creation and division of societies. Sonic-twitter feeds that include the words ‘we + think’ and ‘they + think’ are presented as a live calibration test for the self.


Jealous Wall, Luan Gallery, Athlone, 2017, curated by Seamus McCormack 

Echo Box, Rua Red, Dublin, 2017

Echo Box, Espace Multimedia Gantner, Bourogne, France, 2017

Echo Box, Lūznavas Muiža, Lūznava, Latvia, 2017

Echo Box was curated by Matthew Nevin as part of EUCIDA.