The Dock, 2022



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For his exhibition ‘Can_you_breathe_for_me?’ in The Dock, Adam Gibney will exhibit a series of technological and algorithmic assemblages. He will look at the technological elements that bring forth a sonic universe: a modern, all-digital world, where a person, who is a computer, can do something with a computer and be able to do something with his or her brain. Blurring the distinction between scientific, philosophical and esoteric methods of knowledge production and consumption; the works present themselves as quasi-instruments. This means that, rather than taking the scientific approach, the authors propose instead, as a means of producing and consuming knowledge, a new way of consuming knowledge. They do not, however, take a scientific approach of making the world as it is, or at least of creating a new way of creating knowledge.  This is in fact a logical fallacy.  There is no scientific approach to the world as it is, and there is no new way to the world as it is.  There is rather a new way of producing and consuming knowledge.  

(Photography by Paul McCarthy)


Can_you_breathe_for_me?, The Dock Arts Centre, 2022, curated by Ruth Carroll 

Can_you_breathe_for_me?, Oonagh Young Gallery, 2021, curated by Oonagh Young